The Juice Production Line is mainly used for filling beverages, and the functions of washing, filling and capping are combined on one body, and the whole process is automated. It is suitable for filling polyester bottles, plastic bottles, juice, mineral water and pure water. With the temperature control device, hot filling is also possible.

About the filling and sealing of juice beverage production line equipment

First, filling

1. The rotating discs are all made of stainless steel AISI304.

2, using reflow filling method, using high-precision, high-speed filling valve, accurate liquid level without liquid loss, to ensure excellent filling quality; no valve, no valve, no liquid loss, to ensure excellent filling Quality; the filling valve is made of high quality stainless steel, the sealing is cone-shaped, easy to clean and no scaling. After the bottle mouth contacts the filling valve, the filling process is completed.

3. The connection between the filling system and the capping system is stable and the material in the bottle has no external splashing phenomenon. After the capping operation, the liquid level of the material in the bottle can still be kept within the filling level.

4. The sliding sleeves of the lifting mechanism are all made of German corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free bearings.

5. The power of the filling machine is transmitted by the gear train in the rack through the gears.

Second, the cover

1. After filling, the bottle enters the capping machine through the transmission star wheel. The anti-rotation knife on the capping machine catches the bottle neck, and keeps the bottle upright and prevents rotation together with the bottle neck guard outside the capping machine. The capping head revolves and rotates under the driving of the capping machine main shaft, and realizes the capping, the capping, the capping and the capping action under the action of the cam, and completes the entire capping process.

2. The capping head adopts a magnetic constant torque device. When the capping cap is taken out by the capping disc, the capping cap is placed against the lid, and the cap is rightened to ensure the position of the cap in the capping mold is correct, and the capping quality is ensured. When the cap is completed, the capping head overcomes the magnetic slip and does not damage the cap, and the cap bar ejects the cap from the capping die as the capping head rises.

3. The capping disc transmits power through the pin wheel and the capping head to ensure that its movement is synchronized with the capping machine. The cap passes through the capping path and enters the capping disc, and then the cap passes the star wheel to transfer the cap to the coil according to the station. Cover the cover.

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