Juice production and packaging is a profitable business. In addition, you can start with a specific product. Or you can build a variety of Juice Processing Plant. Of course, if you choose different types of juice production, the investment will be higher. In this case, you can also get a higher percentage of gross profit from your business.

If you want to start a small-scale juice production business – start with a small investment. The raw material for this industry, fruit, is readily available throughout the country. It does not require complex manufacturing techniques.
Juice production - market potential

In the beverage market, packaged juice is one of the fastest growing products. In the past decade, its compound annual growth rate has exceeded 30%. At present, the juice packaging market is worth Rs 110 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15% in the next three years. More and more health-conscious urban consumers are pushing the development of juice. Juice is only healthy after being sanitized. Therefore, people who are hygienic are only buying packaged juices for companies with a trusted brand value in the market.

The demand for juices in the modern market is growing, and this is also because people’s affordability is growing and their disposable income is increasing. Last but not least, the boom in retail and e-commerce is the main growth driver for the juice market. Therefore, we can conclude that small, medium or large juice production is a lucrative investment opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

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