What is food safety?
Food safety refers to limiting the existence of chronic or acute hazards that may harm the health of consumers. Food safety refers to the way in which food is produced, processed, stored and prepared to prevent infection and contamination in the food production chain and to help ensure food quality and health and promote health. Juice Processing Plant are also subject to these standards to produce juice products that are good for consumers.
What is the hazard analysis of the Critical Control Point System (HACCP) and how does HACCP work in food production?
HACCP, or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System, is a process control system that identifies areas where hazards may occur during food production and takes strict measures to prevent hazards. By rigorously monitoring and controlling each step of the process, the likelihood of danger is even smaller. HACCP is part of the modern food industry and is used to identify and control major food risks such as microbiological, chemical and physical contaminants. Consumers can implement HACCP-like practices at home by following appropriate storage, handling, cooking, and cleaning procedures. The introduction of preventive methods such as HACCP has led the industry to assume greater responsibility and control over food safety risks. This integrated approach helps to improve consumer protection, effectively stimulate agriculture and the food processing industry, and promote domestic and international food trade.
What precautions should I take when purchasing vegetables and fruits?
Most fresh vegetables and fruits will remain fresh for a short period of time under ideal storage conditions. Depending on the harvest mode, it is best to buy vegetables in the morning or evening. At the time of purchase, choose fresh vegetables and fruits that are firm, crisp, brightly colored, with no visible signs of bruising or decay and wilting. Be careful, because some fruits and vegetables may be artificially colored, giving people the illusion of freshness and quality. It is wise to buy seasonal vegetables and fruits because the quality is usually high and the price is low.
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