1. Juice Production Line production enterprises strengthen their ability to innovate
Juice production lines urgently need scientific research support: Although the number of employees and the total number of companies in the juice production line industry is large, the research strength of the industry is very weak, and the corresponding research institutes and universities in the industry are relatively few. Some cutting-edge technologies in the industry, such as ultra-low temperature, ultra-high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical extraction, radiation, vacuum, etc. It cannot be completed by a single institution, and enterprises urgently need investment funds. In the past, research and development models that combined production, learning, and research were not successful in the industry, and limited research forces did not fully play their role. Filling machinery strongly supports scientific research.

2. Corporate brand awareness needs to be strengthened
Brand is the soul of the company. Currently, there are many mechanical products, but few good brands. Why are some companies not focusing on brands, only research and development? Good results affect market share because they don’t have good brands. Companies that manage their own brands must have reliable product quality, excellent after-sales service and image marketing promotion. All three are essential.
The future development of juice machinery presents several major trends
Production efficiency is getting higher and higher, so companies can reduce production costs and meet delivery times. The requirements of the high-speed packaging machine are related to the previous process, so the production efficiency can be greatly improved and the production cost can be reduced. Adapting to product changes, juice packaging machinery should have good flexibility and flexibility, and the production line can be changed within a certain size range, because the product declaration period is much shorter than the equipment life, and the product or packaging will not change.

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