Now people’s life is also relaxed and natural. In order to let us quote fresh concentrated juice, some Juice Processing Plant have strengthened the production and manufacturing methods, and strive to let more people love our products. Let us understand Let’s take a look at the processing of vegetable juice!
What are the procedures for the factory to process concentrated juice?
The first is the selection of vegetables. When selecting, take all kinds of raw materials without insects, mold, and impurities, and then weigh them one by one according to the formula, and then rinse them off.

Then, the vegetables are cut and the various vegetable pulps obtained by the crushing treatment are placed in a special container. Then, after the juices are separately produced and prepared, the tomato juice is 70%, and then 10% of the sugar is added to carry out a certain acid treatment. This will make us feel that the concentrated juice tastes more. pure.

Finally, the packaging treatment of concentrated juice, we must use sterilization treatment when packaging, to ensure that our packaging will not produce breathability, to ensure that our packaging is aseptic, so as to package aseptic seal.

These are the procedures for the processing of concentrated juices. I hope that everyone will do the corresponding cooperation to better ensure that our juices are nutritious. Let us easily enjoy a relaxed and natural lifestyle.

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